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The Art of Collecting Receivables

As any business owner knows, customers and clients who do not pay their bills represent a serious problem. The collection of past due receivables has become especially problematic since the economic downturn began.

The collection of commercial debt is best handled by a qualified Creditors Right Attorney. At the Law Office of Howard Alan Kave, we apply significant practical experience in commercial, professional and personal debt collection matters, including:

• Commercial Contracts

• Construction Contracts

• Professional Services

• Medical Debts

• Divorce Cases involving Hidden Assets

• Personal Injury Claims

Judgments in collection cases like these are often based upon contract law. However, obtaining a money judgment is usually only half of the battle. The collection of a judgment proceeds from a set of skills developed over years of practical experience. Our Newburgh Law Office has experience with the rules and techniques available to convert a money judgment into payment.

Our Firm also works on behalf of local attorneys who have entered judgments against creditors, only to be frustrated by their inability to collect. We have successfully obtained monitory awards, including property in Divorce cases, by applying significant experience to help clients uncover hidden or sheltered marital assets. We are familiar with the ways and means by which money, property and other assets can be hidden to avoid judgment.

For more than forty years, Attorney Howard Alan Kave has delivered successful results for clients in civil and criminal litigation matters throughout Orange County NY. He has lectured on subjects of debt and judgment collection to attorneys as part of the continuing legal education requirement for all lawyers. The collection of money judgments on behalf of large and small businesses and private individuals within the Mid Hudson Valley continues to be a significant portion of our legal practice.

While there is never any certainty of recovery in a particular case, the Law Office of Howard Alan Kave has a successful track record in collection and creditors rights matters. To learn how we can help you with the collection of debts or marital assets, call today for a free consultation.


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