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Child custody is a complicated and emotionally charged area of family law. Typically, it is important for both parents to have adequate time with their children. If left to the court to decide, a judge will act in the best interests of the child, irregardless of what each parent wants.

I am Howard Kave, and I have more than 40 years of legal experience. Throughout this time, I have seen the definition of child custody go through several changes. Due to these shifts, several misconceptions have formed surrounding the function of child custody.

Joint legal custody is possible upon the agreement of both parents. Judges frequently approve and order joint legal custody when such agreement can be reached. Joint legal custody permits both parents to be involved in the significant decisions that must be made about a child's health care, education, religious training and other important issues.

However joint physical custody is generally not possible once the two parents have made a decision to live in separate homes. For that reason, absent the agreement of the parents about where the child shall reside, the court will make that decision based upon its determination of the child's "best interests" after hearing from both sides and, often, from an attorney appointed to represent the child.

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In New York, typically, one parent will have physical custody and collect child support, while the other parent will pay child support and have visitation rights. The amount of time each parent gets with each child and the amount of child support can be different in each divorce. These decisions will all ultimately be made to reflect the best interests of the children in an effort to support a healthy development.

Child custody and child support will need to be modified as your child ages or if any significant life changes occur to either parent. As a knowledgeable Newburgh child custody attorney, I am prepared to help you navigate the complexities involved in this area of family law. I believe a lawyer should function as a straightforward guide who sets realistic expectations for his or her clients in an effort to help them obtain the best results possible.

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